My love for photography really began to sprout my sophomore year of high school. My mom worked hard to purchase a Konica Minolta so I could be in the class and from there a passion was born.
I still remember the first time I developed film.
Standing in a pitch black room, trying to pop open my roll of film for developing and saying a few bad words because it was taking so damn long to feel for everything in the dark. I learned, though, with time and patience, that this art was worth it and being challenged is part of the process. 
I wouldn't pursue photography as a career until over ten years later, after my husband and I got married and we had some extra wedding cash on hand. With my husband's support, we used that money to purchase my first camera and got to work. I worked tirelessly to grow my tiny business until it began to grow into the thriving full-time business I've built today.

I moved into The Little Boudoir Studio in July 2019 with the desire to create and build a safe and inviting space for everyone. I truly believe that boudoir is for every body at every stage. I've had my own boudoir photos taken through various stages of life: as a fit girl in my prime, as a bride-to-be, after having one child, and then again after having my second child.


Did my body change between those life events? Of course! Did I still value the images and admire all I had been through?





  When I'm not working I love spending time with my kids, adventuring on road trips with my husband, volunteering for those in need, and binge watching Netflix. We share our home in Overland Park with our two dogs, Nelson and Ross and a cat, who I'm not sure even likes us, named Dexter.

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524 Walnut Street Suite 310 Kansas City Missouri 64106